The Results Fieldbook: Practical Strategies from Dramatically Improved Schools


The Results Fieldbook: Practical Strategies from Dramatically Improved Schools


In clear, persuasive language, Mike Schmoker tells how schools across the United States are getting the RESULTS they plan for. Keep it simple, he emphasizes, and make it possible for teachers to share what they know. -Ron Brandt

In The Results Fieldbook, Schmoker focuses on real schools where teachers are actively collaborating to improve students' learning. A truly inspiring piece of work, this book should be read by anyone ready to improve their school. -James Stigler

Readers should beware: This is a potentially dangerous book. Anyone who reads it no longer has an excuse for low student achievement. Schmoker provides practical, insightful, and specific suggestions for school leaders to develop and apply the collective intelligence of teachers. -Douglas Reeves

Partner this book with Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement, and you have everything you need to know about how to create an effective school. -Harry K. Wong

In this Fieldbook, Schmoker presents powerful ideas and practical strategies with a wit that few educational reformers can equal. I recommend this work most highly. -Robert J. Marzano

The Results Fieldbook is the most specific and helpful volume to come from ASCD or any other publisher in several years. -Douglas Reeves

Mike Schmoker not only presents powerful concepts of collaborative cultures, continuous improvement, and data-driven decisions--but he brings those concepts to life in this book and thus offers something educators are hungry for--reason for hope. -Rick DuFour

In this deeply practical book, Mike Schmoker clearly shows how any school can achieve dramatic gains in teaching and learning. --Michael Fullan

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